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Bodies and Contested Lands

U of M Native Studies Masters student Leslie Agger writes of her experience hearing Idle No More's Nina Wilson speak at #UMNATV Colloquium (5th in series)

Restoring our Sacred Identities

Andrea St. Pierre, a Native Studies Masters student at U of M, thinks back on a talk by Leslie Spillet at #UMNATV Colloquium (4th in series)

Reconstruction and Reconciliation in the Manitoba Act of 1870

U of M Native Studies Masters student Jason Bone discusses presentation by Adam Gaudry to #UMNATV Colloquium (3rd in series)

Indians Wear Red: The Causes and Solutions of Aboriginal Street Gangs

U of M Native Studies Masters student Joe Dipple discusses co-presentation at the #UMNATV Colloquium by Larry Morrissette and Lawrence Deane, co-authors of "Indians Wear Red: Colonialism, Resistance, and Aboriginal Street Gangs." (2nd in series)

Innovate, Adapt, Engage: Anishinaabe in Global Context

First in a series of graduate student writings from the #UMNATV Colloquium series. Here, Native Studies Masters student Janice Bone discusses a presentation by Wab Kinew

Sihkos’ Story, Part V: Portrait of My Parents

The fifth in a series of writings about one survivor's time at a Prairies residential school and beyond.

MEDIA INDIGENA and U of M Native Studies partner up to promote Indigenous speaker series

Announcing our new partnership with the nationally renowned Colloquium series of Indigenous speakers hosted by U of Manitoba Native Studies Department.

VIDEO: “In Her Name—Relationships as Law” (Addressing Violence Through Indigenous Teachings and Tradition)

In this talk at "TEDxVictoria 2013: Emergence," Sarah Hunt explains why she believes Indigenous laws have much to offer communities struggling with the impacts of violence.

Red in the Face over ‘Redface’

How a pair of imitation 'Indians' at an event commemorating Sir John A. Macdonald got Indigenous Twitter talking