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Now that’s funny

The problem with funny.

REVIEW: “Gordon Winter,” a play by Kenneth T. Williams

Inspired by the life and public shaming of former chief David Ahenakew.

Aglukkaq’s anger towards UN food security envoy is political, not personal

Canada's Health Minister's protests about UN criticism of how the federal government ensures the right to food for all in Canada ring a discordant note.

REVIEW: ‘Runaway Dreams: Poems by Richard Wagamese’

A review of the first poetry collection by Ojibway author Richard Wagamese.

A Leap of Faith: Trust and the Relationship with Government

Renewing the relationship between First Nations and Ottawa and a discussion on retiring the Indian Act.

How to Apologise

Truth and Reconciliation apology of another colour from University of Manitoba vice-chancellor.

“No longer. No further. No more.”

Tribute to Blackfeet warrior Elouise Cobell and her 16 year legal battle for justice over government mismanagement of Indian Trust money.

REVIEW: “Extra Indians”

A 2011 American Book Award pick that gives the absolute best and most horrifying description of a run-in with a bear guaranteed to make you sit back and reconsider the way we do the things we do.

Oil’s Slippery Slope

I like oil. Oil brings me things. Things like home heating, air conditioning, electricity. It means people aren’t burning trees so I can hike through forests. It means people aren’t burning coal so I can breathe without blackening my lungs. It means communities don’t have to be flooded so someone can jam up a river...