An Index of Indigenous Podcasts

micNearly 20 weeks into our podcast (subscribe here), we thought it worthwhile to start a list of other Indigenous shows sharing this sphere. If you listen regularly, you heard us bemoan the fact on episode 18 that at a recent podcasting conference—Podcast Movement—we were the only Aboriginal podcasters in attendance!

Now, there were likely good reasons for that, not least, affordability. Conferences cost money, of course, including airfare and accommodation, never mind the fee to get in. I suspect that fact alone challenged many if not most of the folks that may have wanted to come to the event. Still, I do think some kind of gathering just for Indigenous podcasters should happen, and maybe we at MEDIA INDIGENA will be the ones to help make that a reality.

In the meantime, I thought it’d be good to start a list of the Indigenous people plugging away at podcasting. For now, I’m featuring those that come out more frequently or at least have put out something in 2016. Arbitrary, I know.

This list (in no particular order) will iterate over time, so check back every so often. [Last update: Jan.2017]

If you don’t see a show in this list that you think should be, add it in comments or email me rick [at] mediaindigena [dot] com.

Independent podcasts

These are podcasts created by producers who work independently of the control and resources of a large-scale network like NPR or CBC.

Podcasts by broadcasters

Programs created under the auspices of a mainstream broadcaster which oftentimes (but not always) releases an episode on terrestrial airwaves first, then makes it available as a podcast. One might also slot well-resourced podcast networks (e.g., Panoply) under this category.

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