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Editorial and financial independence work hand in hand, and an independent Indigenous media outlet supported and sustained by its audience is fearless. It’s free to call things as they see them, to focus on what truly matters, and to catch and critique what non-Indigenous media outlets overlook, sensationalize or just plain get wrong. We can be all this and more, but only when people step up with their support.

There are many ways to sustain the work we do:

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Patreon is a platform that lets you directly support creators through a regular monthly payment on your credit card. (You may stop at any time.) By supporting our work with a recurring pledge through our Patreon page, you enable us to dedicate more time to producing the podcast; a steady, consistent stream of income also means we’re more able to explore complementary activities beyond the program, like events!

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If a one-time contribution to our work is more your speed, you may do so via our PayPal.Me account (set up under INDIGENA Group): Thanks!


If you’d just rather avoid on-line transactions altogether, there’s always old-school cheques. Please send your much-appreciated contributions to:

INDIGENA Creative Group Inc.
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Where the money goes


Every month, there are technological costs associated with hosting and distributing the podcast (LibSyn) along with the companion website (Bluehost), a site we just had overhauled with the assistance of an experienced WordPress designer. We’ve invested upfront in the tools needed to record the show (e.g., a microphone and Zoom H5 recorder), and the software we use to edit it (Hindenburg Journalist).


Although the maxim “freedom of the press belongs to those who own one” is a tad outdated thanks to the Interweb (which has made it stupidly easily for anyone to publish and distribute content), the intellectual labour of human beings remains the lifeblood of any creative enterprise. Your contributions help cover the time and effort Rick spends producing, hosting, editing and promoting the show each week (this fellow podcaster breaks it all down rather well), as well as the time and effort the other roundtablers dedicate to preparing for and participating in the show.