Channeling the Warrior Spirit

Chase King says the principle that guides him is simple. “Pretty much all Anishinaabeg people are tough and have a warrior spirit within,” he says from his home in Barrie, Ontario. “This spirit helps me to focus on my training and fight with intelligence, but most of all, with respect.” Originally from the community of […]

The Urban Heartbeat of Mother Earth

The steady beat builds to a booming thump. The bodies on the dance floor writhe along, anticipating the peak. There’s a short beat break, and a half-second later it kicks back in with the wails of a Northern Cree pow wow anthem soaring above the club rhythm. The crowd erupts. This is the Electric Pow […]

NDN LOL: The Insights of Comedian Ryan McMahon

If there’s anything that helps people emerge from a shared struggle, it’s shared laughter. Despite the hardships many Aboriginal people across Turtle Island have endured, they’ve been able to maintain an infallible sense of humour: one that’s evolved from timeless trickster stories into standup comedy and television shows, among other methods and media. Ryan McMahon […]

REVIEW: ‘Dreamland’ at imagineNATIVE 2010

Dreamland 123 min | 2010 | Australia Written & Directed by Ivan Sen. Starring Daniel Roberts and Tasma Walton Screens at imagineNATIVE, Thursday Oct. 21 @ 5 PM, Al Green Theatre (Bloor & Spadina) MI Rating: ★★★ ————————— ◊ ————————— ‘The truth is out there.’ It was Agent Fox Mulder’s decree in the classic sci-fi […]

Aboriginal Nominees for Gemini Awards in Canadian TV excellence

This fall the Gemini Awards will honour the best in Canadian English-language television, and a handful of Aboriginal nominees are competing for some pretty significant hardware in the Program and Performance categories. Neil Diamond’s remarkable documentary Reel Injun is up for Best Social/Political Documentary Program. Don Kelly, host of the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network‘s Fish […]

Fastest-growing population also the fastest to die

A disturbing new study coming out of the Journal of Rural Health shows that the infant mortality rate in Manitoba is twice the Canadian average. Led by University of Montreal researcher Zhong-Cheng Luo, the study looked at 25,000 Aboriginal births and 125,000 non-Aboriginal births. According to the study’s abstract, researchers divided the births into four […]

A half-century of the Aboriginal vote

Aboriginal Canadians have been allowed to vote in federal elections for 50 years now. But who’s voting? It was the fall of 1993 and the Canadian federal election campaign was heating up. I was in Grade 10, and one of my history assignments was to poll people in my community about the parties they were […]

Obama shares the wealth

In one of the most controversial announcements to ever come out of the Nobel Foundation, U.S. president Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009. Peace advocates questioned the selection, given the American military presence in many conflicts around the globe. Obama accepted it humbly, and vowed to donate the $1.4 million dollar […]

Going to the dogs

On some reserves, they’re on the verge of taking over. They roam in packs, hunting indiscriminately and reproducing quickly and heedlessly. They threaten the safety of young and old alike and even challenge social order. Dogs have become almost like a new class of citizens in many First Nations communities across Canada. On a daily […]