A Landscape of Beauty and Violence

The country is made up of a diverse and vast geographic regions. From the arctic, the Atlantic to Pacific ocean – one would agree there is magnificent beauty in every part of Turtle Island. That beauty only goes so far to those whose lives are marked by violence. They may see this landscape differently. But regardless of […]

INTERVIEW: Prof. Chris Powell on why ‘Canada’ and ‘genocide’ can and should belong in the same sentence

Today on Urban Nation LIVE, home to my alter-media-ego on Winnipeg’s STREETZ FM, I had the opportunity to discuss the provocative thesis of my friend Chris Powell‘s new book, “Barbaric Civilization: A Critical Sociology of Genocide.” An assistant professor of sociology at the University of Manitoba, Powell’s thesis is provocative because he applies the book’s radical premise — that “civilization produces genocides” — not only to places like Rwanda and Nazi […]

VIDEO: “Survival, Strength, Sisterhood” tells 20 year story of BC’s missing/murdered women march

Appreciated energy behind this community-centered documentary telling the two-decades long history behind Vancouver’s annual march — now thousands-strong — in memory of murdered or missing women from the Downtown Eastside, “a neighbourhood deeply misunderstood.” Co-creators Alejandro Zuluaga and Harsha Walia have produced a doc that earnestly explores the “realities of women organizing for justice,” as […]

AUDIO: Native post-mort on US midterms; how Canada’s youth see Aboriginal history differently; Chiefs’ conflict of interest

THE WORD’s Lady V and MI’s Rick Harp cover three recent posts this time out: on-line Native American voter activism and analysis; a new poll revealing a possible generation gap in how Canadians view Aboriginal peoples’ role in building the country; and, the controversial move by Chiefs in southern Manitoba to take seats on the […]